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Lecture notes attached here Berry

Now you can strikingly see the comparison of Berry to Paul Robeson; remember him? The tone of this short story changes from the very last paragraph. You could have sense that something would have happen from the final lines leading up to the end.

Did Berry deserve to be treated that way? Was he misunderstood? In many ways he was.

I want you guys to read this and analyze each paragraph; noticing the writer’s style and choice of words. Keep reading with passion;

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Black Out


My love ones; here’s the prose for Saturday.


Keep reading; all the best 🙂


  1. The American girl has a typical racist attitude to the young man. Do you agree?
  2. The approach of the young man ‘intrigues’ the American girl. Why? What does this show of her character?


Lynchings: The practice of killing, usually by hanging members of minorities especially Negroes, without going through any judicial process to ascertain their crimes, if any. Historians have documented some 4,750 lynchings  in the US between 1880 to 1960.