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A Stone’s Throw & Dreaming Black Boy …


Well i know i told you guys that we would be looking at West Indies USA and It is a dark time my love; but there was a slight change in plans. Those students whose in my weekday classes would already know about this.

But this Saturday we will be looking A Stone’s Throw and Dreaming Black Boy instead. The prose topic remains the same.

The lecture notes are attached here. Dreaming Black Boy & A stones throw

Remember …. read with emotion and keep the passion burning 🙂


Tomorrow’s Class


Here is the document attached for Tomorrow’s class on ‘It is the Constant image of your face’ & ‘Once upon a time’. Happy reading 🙂 It is the Constant Image of your Face & Once upon a Time

Remember tomorrow at 2:00pm and no later than that; because we are all pressed for time.

Best Regards 🙂